August 22, 2013 Trademark Dispute

UPDATE 8-22-13

After a lengthy outage, David's site is up again as of 8-19-13. Evidently, his account suspension was the result of an ongoing trademark dispute over the "jesus-is-savior" and GodLovesPeople" names: Trademark Dispute Trademark Dispute
If David loses this dispute,, as we know it now, will cease to exist. He has vowed to upload the site's content elsewhere but his current JIS search engine rankings will disappear.

UPDATE 8-15-13

At the time of this writing, David J. Stewart's Netfirm's account has been suspended since at least August 6, 2013. As a result, his website has been completely offline.

David J. Stewart's Suspended Account

August 15, 2013

David J. Stewart Says "I Personally am Not a Christian..."

David J. Stewart adamantly proclaims Jesus Christ as his savior throughout his web site. You may be surprised to learn that David Stewart, in fact, has stated publicly that he is NOT a Christian! We're sure that there are those who will defend David and say that we are making this up. Even so, the truth is the truth. Read on.

Here is one example from May 2005 of David claiming to be a Christian. He actually states it twice in the same paragraph:

David J. Stewart says "I am a born-again Christian..."

On, David contradicts himself saying "I personally am not a Christian or a member of any religion for that matter...":

David J. Stewart says "I personally am not a Christian..."

David has removed content from his site in the past whenever we provide evidence that he is contradicting himself or trying to hide evidence that helps lead to his criminal child abuse charges on Guam. David will likely change his site again to remove the above contradiction but he can't change the text of the older snapshots that already exist on The WayBack Machine.

Here's is an example WayBack Machine snapshot of his page from July 28, 2013:

David J. Stewart says "I personally am not a Christian..."
(Snapshot from 7/28/13 courtesy of The WayBack Machine)

Based on his statement, David is either outright lying throughout his site when he tells you that the Jesus of the Bible is his savior OR perhaps he is following another Christ.

This is probably the most glaring contradiction he has made. A saved follower of Christ is called a Christian. You either follow Jesus Christ or you don't. If you aren't a Christian, David, then what are you and who do you really follow?

January 31, 2011

David J. Stewart Pleads Guilty to Child Abuse


We originally posted an article on July 28, 2009 that detailed the criminal sexual conduct charges against David J. Stewart. While there are MANY who are grateful to us for bringing this information to light and exposing David Stewart's dishonest and hypocritical behavior, there are some who doubt the charges against David are true.

New information directly from Maria T. Cenzon, Director of Policy Planning and Community Relations at the Guam Judicial Center, confirms that the information we originally presented to you is entirely true.

Of special note are the new details about the case. In addition to the charges against David J. Stewart for 2nd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct as a 1st Degree Felony, David Stewart was also charged with child abuse as a misdemeanor. He denied the initial charges but later plead guilty to child abuse as part of a plea agreement.

Below is the text of the e-mail from Ms. Cenzon that provides the confirmation and the current information about David J. Stewart's ongoing legal proceedings. We have provided it in this format so that the text would be searchable by the search engines for easy public access. We have also included a screen shot of the original e-mail below as well:

From: Maria T. Cenzon []
Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2011 9:03 PM
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: Amando D. Quitoriano (C&M)
Subject: RE: David John Stewart

Dear xxxxxxxxxxxxx

According to public records on file with the Superior Court of Guam, Mr. Stewart was charged with 2nd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct as a 1st Degree Felony.  He was also charged with Child Abuse as a Misdemeanor.  He initially pled not guilty, but later entered into a plea agreement, pleading guilty to Child Abuse on October 29, 2010.  The terms of the judgment include a fine of $100; 2 years supervised probation; 100 hours of community service; stay away from victim; not threaten/strike/injure the victim; report to Client Services for counseling; report to Dept of Mental Health and Substance Abuse; Turn in passport; not leave Guam; comply with court orders; obey all laws of Guam. 

He has a progress hearing scheduled for February 14, 2011 at 9 a.m. before the Honorable Judge Anita Sukola. 


Maria Teresa B. Cenzon
Director of Policy Planning
  & Community Relations
Judiciary of Guam
Guam Judicial Center
120 West O’Brien Drive
Hagatna, Guam 96910
Tel: 671.475-3278
Fax: 671.477-3184

From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2011 8:11 PM
To: Maria T. Cenzon (DPP & CR)
Subject: FW: David John Stewart

Ms. Cenzon,

I was wondering if it is possible to find out any public information regarding a David John Stewart who was charged in 2009 on charges of second-degree criminal sexual conduct as a first-degree felony?

Reference:  CF0032-09 People vs. David John Stewart
Thank you for your time regarding this inquiry.

Screenshot of Guam Judicial Center e-mail

Note that Ms. Cenzon states the date and time of David J. Stewart's next progress hearing which is set for February 14, 2011 at 9:00am. The schedule for the Superior Court of Guam is publicly posted and shows hearings approximately one day before their scheduled time (for U.S. visitors) and the same day if viewing the schedule from Guam. On February 11, 2011, David Stewart's hearing will appear on the schedule for U.S. visitors. Here's how to view the schedule prior to the hearing date:

  1. Visit
  2. In the "Select a Judge" dropdown, select SUKOLA, ANITA A. and click "Show Calendar"
  3. Browse the list for David's hearing (is visible as of 2/11/11 and should be until 2/13/11 in U.S.)

UPDATE 2-14-11:
Here is the screenshot of the Superior Court of Guam schedule for February 14, 2011 which serves as further proof of the charges against David. Note that the information on the schedule (case number, date, time, judge, etc.) exactly matches the information provided by Ms. Cenzon in the above e-mail:

David J. Stewart's Superior Court of Guam Hearing for 2-14-11

This information regarding CF0032-09 People vs. David John Stewart is publicly available via the Superior Court of Guam, according to Ms. Cenzon. Nothing we have shared here in this article or in prior articles is private or restricted information.

The information provided by the Superior Court of Guam confirms several things:

David Stewart has consistently ignored the information we have presented up until now, choosing to make it appear that it has never happened. He had removed all evidence from that confirms that he is the same David J. Stewart currently involved in the CF0032-09 People vs. David John Stewart case in Guam. David cannot hide, however, the publicly available evidence that is accessible via the Superior Court of Guam. He also cannot remove the text of previous "snapshots" from his site that appear on The WayBack Machine. Any content that he has removed to hide evidence is still easily found by searching for his altered pages using dates prior to when we published about that evidence.

David Stewart claims to be a Christian and uses his web site to "preach" to the public about the evils of sexual immorality, adultery, etc. As this and previous articles show, he is being a hypocrite by doing the same things he preaches against and is trying to hide this information from you. He is in no position to be trying to teach the Word of God to the public. David falsely accuses many of deception yet he himself is a clear example of what deception truly looks like and how Satan can mix bits of truth with error to deceive the nations.

"For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light." Luke 8:17

December 19, 2010

David J. Stewart is Not the Author of This Blog

There are some who apparently have the mistaken idea that our e-mail address belongs to David J. Stewart. Recently, we have received several e-mails filled with anger that were intended for David. Some brief reading of our blog will quickly reveal that our blog EXPOSES David J. Stewart's hypocrisy and contradictions. Think about it... would David really post this kind of incriminating evidence about himself? David J. Stewart's sexual misconduct with a minor is hardly something he wants you to know about.

We'd like to be very clear that David J. Stewart is NOT the author of this blog.

Unfortunately, e-mails sent to us that are intended for David will not reach him. We, too, have no way to contact him since David J. Stewart refuses to be contacted.

Unlike David, we welcome your e-mails that are intended for us directly.

October 7, 2010

David J. Stewart Refuses to Respond

To those wondering if we've tried to contact David J. Stewart...

YES, we have tried numerous times to contact him, most recently on August 24, 2010, shortly after he posted a contact e-mail address on his web site. He refuses to respond to e-mails, using his health as a reason for not being available via e-mail. David says that he is in much pain and is currently unable to respond to e-mails. He is apparently well enough to update his web site on a very consistent basis in his "Recent Articles" section. David also refuses to directly affirm or deny any of the information posted in our blog. Instead, David J. Stewart just quietly changed pages on his site to hide evidence that incriminates him.

David J. Stewart HAS responded, though, by previously removing specific content from his web site that we used to show you that he is deceiving the public. If these things are not true, he could make some sort of statement to refute what we've presented here. Instead, he chooses to remove the evidence that incriminates him in hopes that what we've uncovered will quietly go away.

The majority of emails we receive are from readers who can clearly see David's deception. There are still those, however, that adamantly defend David's character, who believe that David is only a "sinner saved by grace". They question or condemn why we have chosen to expose David's sin. One point of this blog to show that David is currently in no position to be giving spiritual advice to others. Of course, David is a sinner just like we all are. That is understood. The problem here is that David lives in opposition to what he "teaches" on his web site and to what the Bible teaches. He tells people to live one way yet he has been doing the opposite and is trying to hide that fact. David attacks many individuals and ministries, often falsely, and relies on sensational conspiracy theories to draw visitors to his site.

David's web site is devoted to "exposing" sin and the public individuals, ministers, and religious groups that he believes are committing those sins and deceiving the world. Some people who defend David sometimes tell us that he is "exposing heresy and false religion." When David "exposes" others, he is called "one of the last remaining bastions of decency and truth left in this world." When we expose David's heresy, we are falsely accused of:

  • Making all of this up
  • Pretending to be David on various sites in an effort to make him look guilty.
  • Not contacting David regarding the information posted here.
  • Not acknowledging the fact that David admits to being a "humble sinner".
  • Being the Government trying to silence David.
It's amazing the reasons that people give to defend David J. Stewart's sin and hypocrisy.

Because David J. Stewart chooses to rabidly and falsely attack others, yet chooses to cover up his own sin, we feel compelled by God to make you aware of his hypocrisy in hopes that you will not be deceived.

We pray that David will come forward and repent of his sin. Doing so may result in him losing some of the large following his web site has, however, the following Bible verse is wise counsel:
But Peter and the other apostles answered and said: “We ought to obey God rather than men." Acts 5:29

September 22, 2009

David J. Stewart is Removing Evidence


As of 9/21/09, in reaction to the evidence we've posted, David J. Stewart has begun removing or changing very specific information in pages on his website,, from his dating profiles on Plenty of Fish, and various other online profiles that we have mentioned. The information removed or changed is information that we have used to prove David's age in relation to the sexual conduct indictment, his location in Guam, contradictions he has made, etc.

If none of the evidence we have presented to you is true, as some have claimed in an effort to defend David's actions, then why would David go through all of the trouble to change or remove the very specific information we've mentioned? What need is there to remove this information if he has nothing to hide and is being honest? David J. Stewart is carefully and methodically trying to hide this information from you.

No matter what David J. Stewart changes in regards to the evidence we've presented here, the screenshots that we have provided in this and previous posts remain as evidence of his hypocrisy, duplicity, and deception. Also, you can easily verify our claims that David has removed evidence by searching The WayBack Machine for the altered pages we've mentioned below. Just enter a page URL from David's site into The WayBack Machine search bar, then go back prior to July 1, 2009 and you will find the original unaltered pages.

We will now prove that he is covering his tracks to hide what we have pointed out in previous posts. Note that some screenshots show small Javascript boxes to show you the dates David last updated the pages.

David J. Stewart is hiding his real location...

David J. Stewart currently lives on Guam and has since 2004. As of 9/21/09, he has removed this information from his web site, the original dating profile we mentioned, and from other public online accounts.

Before July 11, 2009, David's site specifically said he lives on Guam:

David J. Stewart Living on Guam
Screenshot taken July 1, 2009 mentioning Guam

Then, as of July 11, 2009, David changed his location to Micronesia, the group of islands that Guam is a part of. This made his location less specific:

David J. Stewart Says Here That He Lives in Micronesia
Screenshot from 7/11/09 showing Micronesia as his location

Now, as of 9/21/09, his location has been removed entirely from the same page:

9/21/09 screenshot no longer lists location at all

David previously said that he has lived on Guam since 2004:

David J. Stewart on Guam Since 2004

As of 9/21/09, this reference, along with his age at the time, has also been removed:

9/21/09 screenshot showing location and age removed

On David's profiles for Online Steelers and Steel Guitar Forum, he also has changed his location to say Chicago which is untrue. David is from Chicago but does not live there now:

Online Steelers profile previously showing Guam as location

His Online Steelers profile now shows Chicago, IL. Also, note that he has changed the e-mail address from (DaveE9th was also previously his username on his old Plenty of Fish dating profile) to Note the reference to Guam in the e-mail address:

Online Steelers listing now shows Chicago and changed e-mail address mentioning Guam

His previous Steel Guitar Forum profile showed Sinajana, Guam as his location:

And yet again, this was also changed to now show his location as Chicago:

 On David J. Stewart's East Texas Steel Guitar Association listing, it originally said Sinajana, Guam:

David J. Stewart's Previous Steel Guitar Assoc. Listing - Location: Guam - May 2009
Steel Guitar Assn. listing previously showing Sinajana, Guam as location

He also has changed his East Texas Steel Guitar Association listing to now say Chicago as well:

 Steel Guitar Assn. listing now showing location as Chicago

On 9/21/09, David closed his "DaveE9th" profile on the Plenty of Fish dating service which had mentioned his current location and revealed several contradictions as pointed out in the post David J. Stewart Likes "Sinful" Rock Music. He does, however, still have an alternate profile on Plenty of Fish that still shows his location as being Guam:

Screenshot taken 9/22/09 showing location as Guam for the past 5 years

UPDATE: 9/24/09

The day after we posted the above screenshot showing that David still had his "DaveoGuam" dating profile active, David deleted this dating profile as well on 9/23/09:

DaveoGuam account was closed on 9/23/09

David J. Stewart is now hiding his age...

In our post David J. Stewart Indicted for Sex with Minor, we showed you evidence of David's age that ties him to the Pacific Daily News articles about his alleged sexual conduct indictment. David has gone through and removed from his site all the references to his age that we had pointed out. His age is still listed, as of this writing, on his alternate dating profile. We expect this to change soon, though.

9/24/09 - And it DID change on 9/23/09 when David also deleted the alternate "DaveoGuam"profile as just shown in the last screenshot above.

As of 9/21/09, David J. Stewart has taken down the MRI scan that listed his age. Here is the MRI scan with his birth date of March 05, 1967 outlined in red:

David J. Stewart MRI - Date of Birth: March 5, 1967
David J. Stewart MRI Scan showing birth date of March 05, 1967

Here is the page that originally contained the MRI image now without it, again as of 9/21/09:

9/21/09 Screenshot of page with MRI scan now removed

Here are two pages that originally showed David's age at the time his articles were written:

David J. Stewart 35 Years Old in 2002    David J. Stewart 40 Years Old in 2007
Original screenshots showing David's age at time of writing

Yes, you guessed it... as of 9/21/09, the same pages have now had the age references removed:

9/21/09 screenshots with age references removed

David J. Stewart is hiding his contradictions...

As of 9/21/09, David J. Stewart has also removed his "DaveE9th" dating profile in an obvious attempt to eliminate his contradictions. This was expected, of course. We have used screenshots to archive the contradictions so they would remain here even if he tries to change the information. Removing the dating profile does not, however, eliminate the contradictions that were made.

David J. Stewart does still have an alternate dating profile on Plenty of Fish. He goes by the username "DaveoGuam". Though the rock music contradictions are not currently present in that profile, the fact that David still uses Plenty of Fish (which makes money from advertising the sex personals site Adult Friend Finder) is still a contradiction of his condemnation of adultery as outlined in the post David J. Stewart Promotes Adultery.

Here are screenshots showing that the "DaveE9th" profile was closed 9/21/09 and the "DaveoGuam" profile that still exists:

DaveE9th dating profile closed 9/21/09

Current "DaveoGuam" Plenty of Fish profile (as of this writing)

UPDATE: 9/24/09

The day after we posted the above screenshot showing that David still had his "DaveoGuam" dating profile active, David deleted this dating profile as well on 9/23/09:

DaveoGuam account was closed on 9/23/09

There are also some other quotes that we referenced from David's site that he also deleted on September 21, 2009. We won't take the time to list every single one. We have shown you screenshots of the most significant changes/deletions David has made. By now, though, you get the point that David J. Stewart has suddenly removed or changed information that we originally referenced.

Again, why hide this information if it is untrue? It is being hidden from you in an attempt to either make it look like we have no proof or to make it appear that we are fabricating all of this. David is hiding the information to ultimately keep you from learning the truth.

Please tell the truth, David.

"For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light." Luke 8:17

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August 26, 2009

David J. Stewart Likes "Sinful" Rock Music

 UPDATE: 9/21/09

As of 9/21/09, David J. Stewart has removed the "DaveE9th" dating profile mentioned below in an obvious attempt to eliminate the contradictions. This was expected, of course. We have used screenshots to archive the contradictions so they would remain here even if he tries to change the information. Removing the dating profile does not, however, eliminate the contradictions that were made.

David J. Stewart does still have an alternate dating profile on Plenty of Fish. He goes by the username "DaveoGuam". Though the rock music contradictions are not currently present in that profile, the fact that David still uses Plenty of Fish (which makes money from advertising the sex personals site Adult Friend Finder) is still a contradiction of his condemnation of adultery as outlined in the post David J. Stewart Promotes Adultery.

Here are screenshots showing that the "DaveE9th" profile was closed today and the "DaveoGuam" profile that still exists :

DaveE9th dating profile closed 9/21/09

"DaveoGuam" Plenty of Fish profile

UPDATE: 9/24/09

The day after we posted the above screenshot showing that David still had his "DaveoGuam" dating profile active, David deleted this dating profile as well on 9/23/09:

DaveoGuam account was closed on 9/23/09

On to the original post...

In our last article, we revealed that David J. Stewart is promoting adultery by using a free dating service that generates revenue from an adult sex personals site. In this article, we will show you more clear evidence that David J. Stewart is deceiving the public and contradicting himself.

David J. Stewart condemns rock music many times on his web site. David J. Stewart says "...ALL rock music is sinful" and "Rock music is a spiritually deadly creature which should be avoided." (Source:

David attacks many secular (and even Christian) artists, saying they are of the devil, as is their music. David J. Stewart condemns artists such as Michael Jackson, the Beatles, the BeeGees, Boston, the Beach Boys, etc.

We will show you that David J. Stewart specifically says on his dating profile that he likes listening to Michael Jackson, the Beatles, the BeeGees, Boston, and the Beach Boys. This is an obvious and direct contradiction to the statements made about these artists on his own web site, We will begin by presenting you with statements David J. Stewart has made opposing each artist and their music. Then we'll provide the contradicting proof near the end of this article. Screenshots were taken in the event that David J. Stewart decides to change the information on his web site in an attempt to eliminate the evidence.

This article is not intended to debate whether rock music is right or wrong but, rather, to show the hypocrisy of statements made by David J. Stewart.

Let's start with Michael Jackson...

David J. Stewart says "Michael Jackson and his music are of the Devil." and "...stay away from Jackson's works of darkness." (Source:

In addition, David J. Stewart condemns worldly music and Michael Jackson, saying the following things...

"Michael Jackson is about as PERVERTED as a dancer can get. The Bible condemns such works of darkness."

"Sexually suggestive dancing, videos, and music is straight out of the pits of hell."

"I wrote this article because a lot of people are still listening to Michael Jackson's music, knowing the type of person he is (or isn't). The Bible clearly warns us about fellowshipping with the works of darkness. 'And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.' -Ephesians 5:11"


David J. Stewart goes on to talk about "...the lascivious music of Michael Jackson" and says, "Michael Jackson is the epitome of what the Devil will do to a person who walks in total darkness."(Source:

David J. Stewart tells us that Michael Jackson is among others who are "occult inspired". "Martina McBride sings "I met God's Will on a Halloween night" (From her song: God's Will). Elton John is more popular than ever. So is Boy George and Michael Jackson. I hear Robert Plant singing the song Sea of Love. The Eagles' songs are still extremely popular...ALL occult inspired musicians or Sodomites!" (Source:

It appears that we have a clear picture, based on the above statements, that David J. Stewart does not condone anyone listening to Michael Jackson's music.

Next, the Beatles...

David J. Stewart says, "The Beatles are of the Devil". He adds, "Tragically, The Beatles were heathen Communists, who praised false religions, glorified sexual immorality, and even blasphemed the Lord Jesus Christ throughout their careers." (Source:

The BeeGees...

David J. Stewart says that the BeeGees are "worldly heathens" and "If your churches' time of music sounds like a BeeGees concert...find another church that loves the Lord enough not to sing like the world." (Source:


According to David, "In my younger days, before I gave my life to the Lord, I idolized the band Boston...Of course, the Lord convicted me about this as I grew in the Lord, and I realized that Boston was of the Devil, as is all Rock music." (Source:

He also calls Boston "worldly heathens". (Source:

The Beach Boys...

David J. Stewart thinks the Beach Boys are satanic, stating "This is unbelievable! The more I research the history of rock-n-roll, the more I am shocked as to just how Satanic the whole industry is. Few people would think of the Beach Boys as being involved with witchcraft, but as you will learn in this article, they certainly were". (Source:

From what we've read, David J. Stewart advises that we should avoid these artists and their music entirely. Remember, David tells us that "ALL rock music is sinful."

And now, the contradictions...

David J. Stewart has a public profile on the free dating service Plenty of Fish.

Here, David tells us, "I enjoy most kinds of music. Here's a cool song by Michael Jackson..." (The YouTube link is a collection of Michael Jackson clips with Michael Jackson's song "Girlfriend" playing in the background.)

He also adds, "I like Boston, the BeeGees, the Beatles, the Beach Boys (all the bands that begin with the letter "B""

David J. Stewart continues, "I'm all alone since my wife divorced me in 2006. I haven't dated anyone since my wife left. I hope to meet someone..." (This link takes you to a BeeGees video for their song "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?")

(We've added text to this screenshot to indicate the song titles and artists for the YouTube videos)

David also confirms his divorce on another site he owns:

(Note: The above screenshot is taken from a Google cached version of his site since that site is currently offline at the time of this writing)
**It is of special note that his divorce apparently occurred during the same year (2006) that he allegedly engaged in sexual contact with a minor.

David J. Stewart, on one hand, says all of these people are of the Devil, worldly heathens, and satanic. Yet we have just shown you that he has clearly contradicted himself and has made himself out to be a deceiver for all to see. Either he hates their "evil music" or he doesn't. Which is it?

He is either making false statements on his main web site to make you think he really hates the "Devil's music" or he is deceiving us on his dating profile in order to attract a female companion.

Either way, it is a major contradiction.

And yes, "DaveE9th" on Plenty of Fish is the same David J. Stewart that is also webmaster for David uses the user name "DaveE9th" as part of his e-mail address on the Online Steelers web site (E9th refers to a tuning on the steel guitar). NOTE: The e-mail address listed in the screenshot may not be a currently working address. We make no claim as to the current validity of the address:

Online Steelers (as David Stewart - Tamuning, Guam)

He also has a profile on the Steel Guitar Forum:

Steel Guitar Forum (as Dave Stewart - Sinajana, Guam)

You'll also find David J. Stewart's photo (the same photo used in his dating profile) on his own web site here: Near the bottom of this page, he displays the same photo and is referring to his recent neck surgery. He also mentions his neck surgery on his dating profile:

Also of note is the fact that, in the second screenshot, David says "I don't go to church...". This certainly explains a lot about David's attitude and behavior. The Bible clearly teaches us this:

And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching. - Hebrews 10:24,25

David J. Stewart has revealed his own duplicity. Our prayer is that he will seek God's forgiveness and repent. Instead of constantly pointing out to the world how sinful he thinks other are, he should focus on his own walk with God. We should all wisely use the limited time we have to point others to Jesus Christ.

Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. - Matthew 7:5

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