September 22, 2009

David J. Stewart is Removing Evidence


As of 9/21/09, in reaction to the evidence we've posted, David J. Stewart has begun removing or changing very specific information in pages on his website,, from his dating profiles on Plenty of Fish, and various other online profiles that we have mentioned. The information removed or changed is information that we have used to prove David's age in relation to the sexual conduct indictment, his location in Guam, contradictions he has made, etc.

If none of the evidence we have presented to you is true, as some have claimed in an effort to defend David's actions, then why would David go through all of the trouble to change or remove the very specific information we've mentioned? What need is there to remove this information if he has nothing to hide and is being honest? David J. Stewart is carefully and methodically trying to hide this information from you.

No matter what David J. Stewart changes in regards to the evidence we've presented here, the screenshots that we have provided in this and previous posts remain as evidence of his hypocrisy, duplicity, and deception. Also, you can easily verify our claims that David has removed evidence by searching The WayBack Machine for the altered pages we've mentioned below. Just enter a page URL from David's site into The WayBack Machine search bar, then go back prior to July 1, 2009 and you will find the original unaltered pages.

We will now prove that he is covering his tracks to hide what we have pointed out in previous posts. Note that some screenshots show small Javascript boxes to show you the dates David last updated the pages.

David J. Stewart is hiding his real location...

David J. Stewart currently lives on Guam and has since 2004. As of 9/21/09, he has removed this information from his web site, the original dating profile we mentioned, and from other public online accounts.

Before July 11, 2009, David's site specifically said he lives on Guam:

David J. Stewart Living on Guam
Screenshot taken July 1, 2009 mentioning Guam

Then, as of July 11, 2009, David changed his location to Micronesia, the group of islands that Guam is a part of. This made his location less specific:

David J. Stewart Says Here That He Lives in Micronesia
Screenshot from 7/11/09 showing Micronesia as his location

Now, as of 9/21/09, his location has been removed entirely from the same page:

9/21/09 screenshot no longer lists location at all

David previously said that he has lived on Guam since 2004:

David J. Stewart on Guam Since 2004

As of 9/21/09, this reference, along with his age at the time, has also been removed:

9/21/09 screenshot showing location and age removed

On David's profiles for Online Steelers and Steel Guitar Forum, he also has changed his location to say Chicago which is untrue. David is from Chicago but does not live there now:

Online Steelers profile previously showing Guam as location

His Online Steelers profile now shows Chicago, IL. Also, note that he has changed the e-mail address from (DaveE9th was also previously his username on his old Plenty of Fish dating profile) to Note the reference to Guam in the e-mail address:

Online Steelers listing now shows Chicago and changed e-mail address mentioning Guam

His previous Steel Guitar Forum profile showed Sinajana, Guam as his location:

And yet again, this was also changed to now show his location as Chicago:

 On David J. Stewart's East Texas Steel Guitar Association listing, it originally said Sinajana, Guam:

David J. Stewart's Previous Steel Guitar Assoc. Listing - Location: Guam - May 2009
Steel Guitar Assn. listing previously showing Sinajana, Guam as location

He also has changed his East Texas Steel Guitar Association listing to now say Chicago as well:

 Steel Guitar Assn. listing now showing location as Chicago

On 9/21/09, David closed his "DaveE9th" profile on the Plenty of Fish dating service which had mentioned his current location and revealed several contradictions as pointed out in the post David J. Stewart Likes "Sinful" Rock Music. He does, however, still have an alternate profile on Plenty of Fish that still shows his location as being Guam:

Screenshot taken 9/22/09 showing location as Guam for the past 5 years

UPDATE: 9/24/09

The day after we posted the above screenshot showing that David still had his "DaveoGuam" dating profile active, David deleted this dating profile as well on 9/23/09:

DaveoGuam account was closed on 9/23/09

David J. Stewart is now hiding his age...

In our post David J. Stewart Indicted for Sex with Minor, we showed you evidence of David's age that ties him to the Pacific Daily News articles about his alleged sexual conduct indictment. David has gone through and removed from his site all the references to his age that we had pointed out. His age is still listed, as of this writing, on his alternate dating profile. We expect this to change soon, though.

9/24/09 - And it DID change on 9/23/09 when David also deleted the alternate "DaveoGuam"profile as just shown in the last screenshot above.

As of 9/21/09, David J. Stewart has taken down the MRI scan that listed his age. Here is the MRI scan with his birth date of March 05, 1967 outlined in red:

David J. Stewart MRI - Date of Birth: March 5, 1967
David J. Stewart MRI Scan showing birth date of March 05, 1967

Here is the page that originally contained the MRI image now without it, again as of 9/21/09:

9/21/09 Screenshot of page with MRI scan now removed

Here are two pages that originally showed David's age at the time his articles were written:

David J. Stewart 35 Years Old in 2002    David J. Stewart 40 Years Old in 2007
Original screenshots showing David's age at time of writing

Yes, you guessed it... as of 9/21/09, the same pages have now had the age references removed:

9/21/09 screenshots with age references removed

David J. Stewart is hiding his contradictions...

As of 9/21/09, David J. Stewart has also removed his "DaveE9th" dating profile in an obvious attempt to eliminate his contradictions. This was expected, of course. We have used screenshots to archive the contradictions so they would remain here even if he tries to change the information. Removing the dating profile does not, however, eliminate the contradictions that were made.

David J. Stewart does still have an alternate dating profile on Plenty of Fish. He goes by the username "DaveoGuam". Though the rock music contradictions are not currently present in that profile, the fact that David still uses Plenty of Fish (which makes money from advertising the sex personals site Adult Friend Finder) is still a contradiction of his condemnation of adultery as outlined in the post David J. Stewart Promotes Adultery.

Here are screenshots showing that the "DaveE9th" profile was closed 9/21/09 and the "DaveoGuam" profile that still exists:

DaveE9th dating profile closed 9/21/09

Current "DaveoGuam" Plenty of Fish profile (as of this writing)

UPDATE: 9/24/09

The day after we posted the above screenshot showing that David still had his "DaveoGuam" dating profile active, David deleted this dating profile as well on 9/23/09:

DaveoGuam account was closed on 9/23/09

There are also some other quotes that we referenced from David's site that he also deleted on September 21, 2009. We won't take the time to list every single one. We have shown you screenshots of the most significant changes/deletions David has made. By now, though, you get the point that David J. Stewart has suddenly removed or changed information that we originally referenced.

Again, why hide this information if it is untrue? It is being hidden from you in an attempt to either make it look like we have no proof or to make it appear that we are fabricating all of this. David is hiding the information to ultimately keep you from learning the truth.

Please tell the truth, David.

"For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light." Luke 8:17

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