About David J. Stewart Exposed!

Please carefully read the articles on our site before contacting us.  

This blog is NOT written by David J. Stewart. Carefully reading the articles will make this quite clear. David J. Stewart would most certainly not write these kinds of incriminating articles about himself. He would not want you to know about his hypocrisy or the obvious contradictions he has been making.

A number of individuals have e-mailed us thinking, for some reason, that our e-mail address is David's. A few of these e-mails contained very heated comments directed at David. Unfortunately, we do not have a direct way to contact David when he has his own e-mail addresses disabled. David will occasionally enable an e-mail address on his own web site. When he does temporarily enable an e-mail address, do be aware that he is unlikely to respond to your e-mail, especially if your message is critical of him.

We have made it possible for you to contact us directly so that you can share your thoughts. We, unlike David J. Stewart, welcome your e-mails.

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