October 7, 2010

David J. Stewart Refuses to Respond

To those wondering if we've tried to contact David J. Stewart...

YES, we have tried numerous times to contact him, most recently on August 24, 2010, shortly after he posted a contact e-mail address on his web site. He refuses to respond to e-mails, using his health as a reason for not being available via e-mail. David says that he is in much pain and is currently unable to respond to e-mails. He is apparently well enough to update his web site on a very consistent basis in his "Recent Articles" section. David also refuses to directly affirm or deny any of the information posted in our blog. Instead, David J. Stewart just quietly changed pages on his site to hide evidence that incriminates him.

David J. Stewart HAS responded, though, by previously removing specific content from his web site that we used to show you that he is deceiving the public. If these things are not true, he could make some sort of statement to refute what we've presented here. Instead, he chooses to remove the evidence that incriminates him in hopes that what we've uncovered will quietly go away.

The majority of emails we receive are from readers who can clearly see David's deception. There are still those, however, that adamantly defend David's character, who believe that David is only a "sinner saved by grace". They question or condemn why we have chosen to expose David's sin. One point of this blog to show that David is currently in no position to be giving spiritual advice to others. Of course, David is a sinner just like we all are. That is understood. The problem here is that David lives in opposition to what he "teaches" on his web site and to what the Bible teaches. He tells people to live one way yet he has been doing the opposite and is trying to hide that fact. David attacks many individuals and ministries, often falsely, and relies on sensational conspiracy theories to draw visitors to his site.

David's web site is devoted to "exposing" sin and the public individuals, ministers, and religious groups that he believes are committing those sins and deceiving the world. Some people who defend David sometimes tell us that he is "exposing heresy and false religion." When David "exposes" others, he is called "one of the last remaining bastions of decency and truth left in this world." When we expose David's heresy, we are falsely accused of:

  • Making all of this up
  • Pretending to be David on various sites in an effort to make him look guilty.
  • Not contacting David regarding the information posted here.
  • Not acknowledging the fact that David admits to being a "humble sinner".
  • Being the Government trying to silence David.
It's amazing the reasons that people give to defend David J. Stewart's sin and hypocrisy.

Because David J. Stewart chooses to rabidly and falsely attack others, yet chooses to cover up his own sin, we feel compelled by God to make you aware of his hypocrisy in hopes that you will not be deceived.

We pray that David will come forward and repent of his sin. Doing so may result in him losing some of the large following his web site has, however, the following Bible verse is wise counsel:
But Peter and the other apostles answered and said: “We ought to obey God rather than men." Acts 5:29