December 19, 2010

David J. Stewart is Not the Author of This Blog

There are some who apparently have the mistaken idea that our e-mail address belongs to David J. Stewart. Recently, we have received several e-mails filled with anger that were intended for David. Some brief reading of our blog will quickly reveal that our blog EXPOSES David J. Stewart's hypocrisy and contradictions. Think about it... would David really post this kind of incriminating evidence about himself? David J. Stewart's sexual misconduct with a minor is hardly something he wants you to know about.

We'd like to be very clear that David J. Stewart is NOT the author of this blog.

Unfortunately, e-mails sent to us that are intended for David will not reach him. We, too, have no way to contact him since David J. Stewart refuses to be contacted.

Unlike David, we welcome your e-mails that are intended for us directly.