August 24, 2009

David J. Stewart Promotes Adultery

 UPDATE: 9/21/09

As of 9/21/09, David J. Stewart has removed the "DaveE9th" dating profile mentioned below in an obvious attempt to eliminate the contradictions pointed out in this blog. This was expected, of course. We have used screenshots to archive the contradictions so they would remain here even if he tries to change the information. Removing the dating profile does not, however, eliminate the contradictions that were made.

David J. Stewart does still have an alternate dating profile on Plenty of Fish. He goes by the username "DaveoGuam". Though the rock music contradictions are not currently present in that profile, the fact that David still uses Plenty of Fish (which makes money from advertising the sex personals site Adult Friend Finder) is still a contradiction of his condemnation of adultery as outlined in the original post below.

Here are screenshots showing that the "DaveE9th" profile was closed today and the "DaveoGuam" profile that still exists :

DaveE9th dating profile closed 9/21/09

"DaveoGuam" Plenty of Fish profile

UPDATE: 9/24/09

The day after we posted the above screenshot showing that David still had his "DaveoGuam" dating profile active, David deleted this dating profile as well on 9/23/09:

DaveoGuam account was closed on 9/23/09

On to the original post...

This is the first part of an ongoing series of articles that will clearly show that David J. Stewart contradicts himself (and others) and makes false statements. Be very careful in taking what David J. Stewart says as fact or truth. David J. Stewart is deceiving the public by pretending to be something he is not.

In our last article, we provided you with strong evidence showing that David J. Stewart was indicted for sex with a minor yet he strongly condemns sexual immorality on his web site. We will now continue exposing David J. Stewart's false 'ministry' by proving that he is currently helping to promote adultery even though he condemns it publicly.

David J. Stewart would have you believe every word he says on his web site. The real truth is that he is deceiving you by saying one thing on his site yet he does or says the opposite elsewhere on the Internet, revealing himself (again) to be a hypocrite.

David J. Stewart boldly says that "Adultery is a Sin!" (Source: Yes, adultery is a sin. On the same page, he says, "Sadly, some married couples are so hardened in their hearts that they have open-marriages (swingers). Such practices are evil and an abomination unto God." Yes, this also is true.

David J. Stewart also says, "The wise man (married or not) avoids situations where he will be exposed to improperly dressed women which stir sexual frustrations and temptations." (Source:

So, it seems clear that by reading the above information, David J. Stewart condemns adultery and recommends that people not put themselves in positions where they will be tempted.

David J. Stewart contradicts himself, however, by using a free dating service called Plenty of Fish. In the upper right section of the page, you'll notice a link titled "Sex personals Here" (in the very same line, you'll also see a link for "Christian Singles", of all things):

Following the "Sex personals Here" link takes you to another Plenty of Fish page that promotes Adult Friend Finder, an adult dating service that specializes in connecting people for sexually immoral relationships (NOTE: The actual link has been blacked out, along with a graphic that I will not show on this blog. We do not encourage you to follow the link to this page or to the Adult Friend Finder site. We show this screenshot here as proof of David J. Stewart's support of Plenty of Fish):

David J. Stewart would likely argue that he has no control over what links Plenty of Fish uses on their website. His use of a service that blatantly promotes adulterous relationships is indirect support of adultery. Even though Plenty of Fish is, in itself, a free service, it makes money from advertising for Adult Friend Finder and the signups that result from it.

And in case you have doubts that the profile on Plenty of Fish is the same David J. Stewart, David uses the user name "DaveE9th" as part of his e-mail address on the Online Steelers web site (E9th refers to a tuning on the steel guitar). NOTE: The e-mail address listed in the screenshot may not be a currently working address. We make no claim as to the current validity of the address:

Online Steelers (as David Stewart - Tamuning, Guam)

He also has a profile on the Steel Guitar Forum:

Steel Guitar Forum (as Dave Stewart - Sinajana, Guam)

You'll also find David J. Stewart's photo (the same photo used in his dating profile) on his own web site here: Near the bottom of this page,, he displays the same photo and is referring to his recent neck surgery. He also mentions his neck surgery on his dating profile:

Also of note is the fact that, in the second screenshot, David says "I don't go to church...". This certainly explains a lot about David's attitude and behavior. The Bible clearly teaches us this:

And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching. - Hebrews 10:24,25

David J. Stewart is supporting the very thing he condemns on his own web site.

Abstain from all appearance of evil. - 1 Thessalonians 5:22

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