August 26, 2009

David J. Stewart Likes "Sinful" Rock Music

 UPDATE: 9/21/09

As of 9/21/09, David J. Stewart has removed the "DaveE9th" dating profile mentioned below in an obvious attempt to eliminate the contradictions. This was expected, of course. We have used screenshots to archive the contradictions so they would remain here even if he tries to change the information. Removing the dating profile does not, however, eliminate the contradictions that were made.

David J. Stewart does still have an alternate dating profile on Plenty of Fish. He goes by the username "DaveoGuam". Though the rock music contradictions are not currently present in that profile, the fact that David still uses Plenty of Fish (which makes money from advertising the sex personals site Adult Friend Finder) is still a contradiction of his condemnation of adultery as outlined in the post David J. Stewart Promotes Adultery.

Here are screenshots showing that the "DaveE9th" profile was closed today and the "DaveoGuam" profile that still exists :

DaveE9th dating profile closed 9/21/09

"DaveoGuam" Plenty of Fish profile

UPDATE: 9/24/09

The day after we posted the above screenshot showing that David still had his "DaveoGuam" dating profile active, David deleted this dating profile as well on 9/23/09:

DaveoGuam account was closed on 9/23/09

On to the original post...

In our last article, we revealed that David J. Stewart is promoting adultery by using a free dating service that generates revenue from an adult sex personals site. In this article, we will show you more clear evidence that David J. Stewart is deceiving the public and contradicting himself.

David J. Stewart condemns rock music many times on his web site. David J. Stewart says "...ALL rock music is sinful" and "Rock music is a spiritually deadly creature which should be avoided." (Source:

David attacks many secular (and even Christian) artists, saying they are of the devil, as is their music. David J. Stewart condemns artists such as Michael Jackson, the Beatles, the BeeGees, Boston, the Beach Boys, etc.

We will show you that David J. Stewart specifically says on his dating profile that he likes listening to Michael Jackson, the Beatles, the BeeGees, Boston, and the Beach Boys. This is an obvious and direct contradiction to the statements made about these artists on his own web site, We will begin by presenting you with statements David J. Stewart has made opposing each artist and their music. Then we'll provide the contradicting proof near the end of this article. Screenshots were taken in the event that David J. Stewart decides to change the information on his web site in an attempt to eliminate the evidence.

This article is not intended to debate whether rock music is right or wrong but, rather, to show the hypocrisy of statements made by David J. Stewart.

Let's start with Michael Jackson...

David J. Stewart says "Michael Jackson and his music are of the Devil." and "...stay away from Jackson's works of darkness." (Source:

In addition, David J. Stewart condemns worldly music and Michael Jackson, saying the following things...

"Michael Jackson is about as PERVERTED as a dancer can get. The Bible condemns such works of darkness."

"Sexually suggestive dancing, videos, and music is straight out of the pits of hell."

"I wrote this article because a lot of people are still listening to Michael Jackson's music, knowing the type of person he is (or isn't). The Bible clearly warns us about fellowshipping with the works of darkness. 'And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.' -Ephesians 5:11"


David J. Stewart goes on to talk about "...the lascivious music of Michael Jackson" and says, "Michael Jackson is the epitome of what the Devil will do to a person who walks in total darkness."(Source:

David J. Stewart tells us that Michael Jackson is among others who are "occult inspired". "Martina McBride sings "I met God's Will on a Halloween night" (From her song: God's Will). Elton John is more popular than ever. So is Boy George and Michael Jackson. I hear Robert Plant singing the song Sea of Love. The Eagles' songs are still extremely popular...ALL occult inspired musicians or Sodomites!" (Source:

It appears that we have a clear picture, based on the above statements, that David J. Stewart does not condone anyone listening to Michael Jackson's music.

Next, the Beatles...

David J. Stewart says, "The Beatles are of the Devil". He adds, "Tragically, The Beatles were heathen Communists, who praised false religions, glorified sexual immorality, and even blasphemed the Lord Jesus Christ throughout their careers." (Source:

The BeeGees...

David J. Stewart says that the BeeGees are "worldly heathens" and "If your churches' time of music sounds like a BeeGees concert...find another church that loves the Lord enough not to sing like the world." (Source:


According to David, "In my younger days, before I gave my life to the Lord, I idolized the band Boston...Of course, the Lord convicted me about this as I grew in the Lord, and I realized that Boston was of the Devil, as is all Rock music." (Source:

He also calls Boston "worldly heathens". (Source:

The Beach Boys...

David J. Stewart thinks the Beach Boys are satanic, stating "This is unbelievable! The more I research the history of rock-n-roll, the more I am shocked as to just how Satanic the whole industry is. Few people would think of the Beach Boys as being involved with witchcraft, but as you will learn in this article, they certainly were". (Source:

From what we've read, David J. Stewart advises that we should avoid these artists and their music entirely. Remember, David tells us that "ALL rock music is sinful."

And now, the contradictions...

David J. Stewart has a public profile on the free dating service Plenty of Fish.

Here, David tells us, "I enjoy most kinds of music. Here's a cool song by Michael Jackson..." (The YouTube link is a collection of Michael Jackson clips with Michael Jackson's song "Girlfriend" playing in the background.)

He also adds, "I like Boston, the BeeGees, the Beatles, the Beach Boys (all the bands that begin with the letter "B""

David J. Stewart continues, "I'm all alone since my wife divorced me in 2006. I haven't dated anyone since my wife left. I hope to meet someone..." (This link takes you to a BeeGees video for their song "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?")

(We've added text to this screenshot to indicate the song titles and artists for the YouTube videos)

David also confirms his divorce on another site he owns:

(Note: The above screenshot is taken from a Google cached version of his site since that site is currently offline at the time of this writing)
**It is of special note that his divorce apparently occurred during the same year (2006) that he allegedly engaged in sexual contact with a minor.

David J. Stewart, on one hand, says all of these people are of the Devil, worldly heathens, and satanic. Yet we have just shown you that he has clearly contradicted himself and has made himself out to be a deceiver for all to see. Either he hates their "evil music" or he doesn't. Which is it?

He is either making false statements on his main web site to make you think he really hates the "Devil's music" or he is deceiving us on his dating profile in order to attract a female companion.

Either way, it is a major contradiction.

And yes, "DaveE9th" on Plenty of Fish is the same David J. Stewart that is also webmaster for David uses the user name "DaveE9th" as part of his e-mail address on the Online Steelers web site (E9th refers to a tuning on the steel guitar). NOTE: The e-mail address listed in the screenshot may not be a currently working address. We make no claim as to the current validity of the address:

Online Steelers (as David Stewart - Tamuning, Guam)

He also has a profile on the Steel Guitar Forum:

Steel Guitar Forum (as Dave Stewart - Sinajana, Guam)

You'll also find David J. Stewart's photo (the same photo used in his dating profile) on his own web site here: Near the bottom of this page, he displays the same photo and is referring to his recent neck surgery. He also mentions his neck surgery on his dating profile:

Also of note is the fact that, in the second screenshot, David says "I don't go to church...". This certainly explains a lot about David's attitude and behavior. The Bible clearly teaches us this:

And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching. - Hebrews 10:24,25

David J. Stewart has revealed his own duplicity. Our prayer is that he will seek God's forgiveness and repent. Instead of constantly pointing out to the world how sinful he thinks other are, he should focus on his own walk with God. We should all wisely use the limited time we have to point others to Jesus Christ.

Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. - Matthew 7:5

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